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Innovation inspired by Joan of Arc

Beyond the techniques there is the spirit. This essay brings you through fluid and lively reading into the mindset of innovation, delving into the deep trenches of our psychological and metaphysical wanderings when facing innovation as an entrepreneur.

Based on extensive experience in the Toulouse ecosystem for over 15 years, as an investor, consultant, mentor and entrepreneur, Philippe Cartau provides a unique insight into the entire lifecycle of a startup.

Download the various chapters to discover the different steps of the innovative startup and the challenges it faces deep beneath the surface.


Innovation is first and foremost about individuals. This is why I chose Jeanne to talk about innovation and highlight with the contrast of centuries what remains intemporel. Furthermore, she manifests herself at the same time as a major milestone in the history of technical innovations.

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What exactly is innovation, and why is it so important? Why are projects successful and why do others disappear into darkness? Why is innovation not only a matter of technology, but also a question of deep inner motivations? Why should we innovate at all? Just few of the questions with an overview of the answers that will be developed throughout the essay.

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Part 1 - Architecture

Disruptive innovation can be seen as a change in the Architecture of energy and data. The house isn't modified, repainted or enlarged with add-ons, it is entirely new in its form. It changes the way people do things.

The first 3 chapters of the essay address the high level of innovation, where we change the world.



Part 1, Chapter 1 - Matter

It is all about Matter, Lucent Matter & Dark Matter. Understanding the history of innovation and where we come from constitutes the invisible matter around us. Allowing ourselves to step into the unknown is discovering the matter to come.


Challenge the written

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