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Neotec, 3Dis, Epsiline, Northrop Grumman, Curtiss-Wright, Rapita Systems, Uwinloc, Ipside, EDO, Tactair, Flightwatching, Intraspec, Bibench, Hymag'In, Hontambère, Mypeoplego, ISC, Sylob, Inodex 3D, Humana Biosciences, TTTech, Innov'ATM, TinUp, Aputech, Rouages, Albany, PigData, Jypher, Madci, Nubbo Incubator, Vivéole, Tofer, Phonitive, Unitag, Coovia, Sylapps, Quiditmiam, ABC Membranes, Konec...

These are just a few of the companies who have trusted us with the following services.

Innovation Management

Based on the C-MRL Method, we provide advanced tools and a strong experience in managing both innovation projects and the innovation portfolio.

Undercover Marketing

Also called Provocation Sales, this approach allows to validate the real relevance of innovative products by intimately hinging sales and marketing techniques.

Strategic Thinking

Thinking outside of the box requires a broad reach between method and creative thinking. With our consultants carrying both university and business school teaching as well as field experience, we provide  the perfect combination between vision and action.

Digital Transformation

Based on courses given at ISC Paris and extensive field experience, our consultants provide hands-on solutions to digitalize both the processes as well as the products.

They keep coming back.

Philippe Cartau2020.png

Philippe, Founder of Cirrus IM

"It isn't a surprise 80% of our customers renew their experience with us. It is actually a feat in a field where startups go broke and SME only invest in consulting when in full confidence. "
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