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Philippe Cartau

Transition & Project Management


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Toulouse & Paris

A Bit About Me

As a copilot to company leadership, one of my main achievements as an operational consultant for the past 20 years, has been to successfully help startups and SME transform their technological projects into viable innovations. Where startups have a usual failure rate of 70%, 80% of the projects I accompanied are striving. This was done notably by what is called « Superposition », which entails an advanced method to mesh the vision of the project with the reality of the field. It requires a 360°, out of silo approach, focused on ensuring the solution is not just designed « in vitro » but actually meets a specific need, efficiently. Another key factor in this success has been consistently marrying hardware with software, and notably sensors with processing capabilities for efficient action. Integrating A.I into the overall product architecture has been a constant. This I have done in the wind industry, the aerospace industry, for mass markets, hospitality, services and industry, notably.

Work Experience

July 2005 - today

July 2020 - December 2018

December 2021 - Today

Founder & GM of Cirrus IM - Business development lab, Operations outfit for innovative, international and industrial solutions.

Founder & CEO of Jypher - Fashion dedicated application based on A.I. for recomendatins.

Teacher MIAGE Program, University of Toulouse, Capitole 1 - Strategy & Innovation for M2 students; parallels & leverages, startup & corporate use cases; strategic tool analysis; C-MRL implementation for management of complexity in startups.


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