Cirrus IM

Business Development Consulting

Growing your business

Cirrus IM provides business development services to technological companies.
From managing product introduction to managing the sales organisation,
we support you through the entire process.

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Strategic & Operational
Laying down a negotiation strategy, implementing the tools, negotiating with your customers and suppliers to get the best deal, refining the tactics. We do this with you or for you!
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On the field and Remote

Even by Phone

We are going to go out there, with you and without you, to sell your value and position your offer for the best deal. We will make the pitch, we will respond to objections and make sure you are in the best seat to negotiate  
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Lean & efficient.


What is the selling process, what are the resources necessary, what is the sales cycle time and how does it affect the way your organisation interacts with the other teams and with the outside. We give you the answers.
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What is your Market Potential?


Market studies of things past, market understanding of trends to come, feeding the right figures in your business plan, understanding innovation markets, their behaviour and their potential. Providing comprehensive and accurate information to your investors.


Sales team and process
Never leave a sales rep on his own. Cirrus IM manages your sales team, helps you optimise its efforts, keeps them focused. We put in place the proper indicators, the required pipe structure and sales process understanding to make sure no effort is wasted. If you have a sales team no one is tracking, contact us!


Innovation made simple
With Cirrus IM's proprietary C-MRL tool to manage innovative projects, you give yourself the best chances of success. You manage your portfolio, understand the resources to be committed, inject the right effort at the right time, and most importantly, you implicate your market!


Railway Equipment

Business development

Cirrus IM brought substantial input to Neotec, in its organisation, strategy and in particular in positioning the companies efforts to develop its business in the USA !
Negotiation & Organisation
Car Pool Application

Negotiation strategy

Cirrus IM worked on the field with Coovia founder to understand the ideal positioning for the ideal negotiation leverage. Actia became shareholder in 2016
Grenoble Incubator

Training - Selling Innovation

A training for entrepreneurs who want to sell their innovation. Dedicated to technological people not familiar with selling. Fundamentals explained with a focus on getting engagement from your market.

Communication Protocol

Aerospace marketing and selling

Positioning and selling of a communication protocol. Strategic formulation and implementation of strategic selling.

Strategic Negotiation
Fashion App.

Full stack Marketing

Jypher is a fashion application built on advanced recommendation algorithms. Cirrus IM provided innovation management know-how using its C-MRL approach.

Innovation Management
Startup Incubator

Negotiation Strategy

Cirrus IM provides regular consulting services for the Innopole, helping its members define the ideal approach to sell and negotiate their innovative and technological solutions.

Negotiation Strategy
Pipeline Engineering

Commercial Strategy

Customers looking to define a business strategy. After bringing key insight concerning existing and potential markets, Cirrus IM structured the sales and marketing organisation.

Strategy & Organisation
Indoor Geolocation

Commercialisation Strategy

This highly innovative company was looking for the best way to bring its game-changing technology to market. Cirrus IM brought unparalleled insight to manage the innovation and commercialisation processes.

Organisation and Strategy

Negotiation Training

Philippe Cartau trains startuppers in negotiation strategy and tactics, based on the comprehensive C-MRL methodology. A Sales Driven Management Approach where innovation means engagement!

LIDAR System

International Commercialisation

Cirrus IM is helping Epsiline market and sell its innovative LIDAR solution, refining its negotiation strategy and dealing directly with target customers.

Consulting & Operational Negotiation
Nano Sensors

Market Understanding

Etude d'opportunité afin de dégager des pistes de développement pour leur technologie de nanocapteurs.

Market Studies
Reliability Analysis

Sales organisation

Sales organisation and business development services. Decoherence Innovation sales training designed for engineers and researchers in technological environments.

Sales organisation

Commercial Solutions Integrator!

Our Mission : contribute to your success and bring your incredible offer to the market! We build around your needs, not our preferences. Market pull instead of Service Push. This approach is built upon know-how, knowledge and research. Commercialisation implies a chain of capabilities. We forge this chain with our partners and our customers. Together we build the most adapted solution to your size and market maturity. And so, our approach corresponds to your needs.

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