Chronicles of Innovation,

Philippe Cartau, Founder of Cirrus IM

Commercialising invention is innovating. It is going from the world of dreams and vision to the hard reality of the market. « When the rubber hits the road ». This expression says it all. It it in contact with the road that you know if you’ll swerve or keep going straight. It is when you are face to face with your users and buyers that you can change your fate. You can’t innovate without understanding and convincing. Innovating isn’t doing the same thing. It is getting people to do something differently or new. It is a promise, an invitation to go beyond ourselves. It is a fine art between hard technology and changing minds. It is a touch, dosage, iteration and mutation. Innovation is why we are here. Innovation is necessary to understand innovation. Because injecting healthy doses of chaos into systems that have lost their entropy, their initial youth, is the only way to move bricks and put them in place to make sense and give life. Hence, Philippe Cartau’s chronicle is an invitation to think innovation in new ways.

Un nouvel incubateur pour startups de l’accompagnement vient de voir le jour à Toulouse

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Surfant sur le marché de l’innovation, Zeplace se positionne comme la référence en matière de [...]

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