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More reasons than necessary to register!

  • Pragmatic – Down to earth. We stay in touch with reality!

  • Practical – Trainings that speak to your needs with efficient tools and methodologies.

  • Adapted – Trainings that take into account your specific needs.

  • Participative – Learning through exchange with people facing the same challenges.

  • Connected –  Our trainings are in synch with the reality of our times and the specificities of each market and technology.

  • Core competence – We offer these trainings because they belong to our core competencies and we know what we are talking about. 

  • Encompassing – Practical notions provided in a global framework to understand how each action fits in the bigger picture.

  • Experience – Training consultants who have experience on the field.

  • Efficient – Immediate integration of key notions and practices to make you efficient the very day after!

Your consultant

Philippe CartauFounder of Cirrus IM
20 years of selling, marketing and managing innovation. 15 years of training experience. Trained hundreds of individuals for some of the most renown organisations : CGI, ISM, Elegia. Broad experience as an entrepreneur, business angel, consultant and practitioner. Designed trainings for innovation outfits such as Incubateur Midi-Pyrénées, Linksium, Ekito

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