Our mission at Cirrus IM is to make your business grow and become successful. We do this through innovation and international markets. Either we help you sell better what you already have, or we identify with you new opportunities and then we bring them to market. The right markets, whether at home or abroad.

Why will it work for you? Because we use Market driven Innovation Management. Through market engagement we ensure the right energy is spent on the right offer in the right place. Our approach gives visibility to make the right decisions at the right time.

As a solution provider we go beyond the specific skills of the trade to engineer the sales solution you need and make it successful in bringing new offers to market. If you are a small outfit, we can then execute the plan with you and for you. If you like our capabilities, we can train your team.

We design solutions around the expectations of your market and then bring in the right capabilities if we don’t have them in house.

Our experience allows us address B to B markets of all sorts : Automotive, Rail, Aerospace, Embedded Computing, ITC, Engineering, Semiconductor, Electronics.

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Who Is Cirrus IM

We convert inventions into innovations. By bringing our knowledge, experience, methodology and enthusiasm, we help you succeed against the odds, by minimising risk, decreasing time to market, optimising your approach and generating additional wealth from your market interaction.

Nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed. We live with risk and accept it as an opportunity. We don’t think in terms of errors, but in terms of experimentation and opportunities. We capitalise on every single effort made in the journey to innovate.

New business and fantastic new growth opportunities. An exceptionnel experience into the world of innovation and growth generation.

Our Crazy Skills

Innovation Management 90
Commercialisation 90
Negotiation 85
International 90

Success Stories

Rail Industry
Rail Industry
Changed the approach to international markets, implementing a successful sales organisation leading to new markets in the USA and germanic countries.
Engineering Services
Engineering Services
Modeled the strategy and sales organisation with the objective of increasing sales by 50% over 3 years by validating and launching new product offer and developing services in the middle east.
Food Industry
Food Industry
Through close monitoring and innovation management, we led a startup in the food industry to successfully commercialise a radical innovation. The company was then acquired by a major player.

Our Happy Clients