Successfully Deploy your CRM

Making a CRM work is a challenge. Success in implementation often eludes management. One of the reasons is a lack of focus.

At Cirrus IM we successfully implement CRM because Selling is our business. We know what a Sales Funnel is. We know what it takes to convert a Sale. We know when and how you need to call back a prospect. We know that to make a CRM work for you, you need to make it work for your sales force.

With a lean approach that keeps focused on added value and that reigns in scope creep, we implement your CRM with a sales focused approach, integrating both strategic and operational requirements.

You don’t ask IT to sell. You don’t ask Finance to sell. You don’t ask Operations to sell. You ask an expert in sales to sell. The same goes for a CRM. Ask the experts. Ask Cirrus IM.


A Proven Method

Preliminary analysis – what are your objectives and expectations, what does your market require
Communication Plan – explaining why is fundamental. No communication, no buy-in, no data.
In depth Analysis – strategic and operational, understanding where the sales strategy is going and the people enacting it.
CRM Selection – Finding the CRM that fits with you’re requirements. We’ve evaluated tens of them.
Technical Preparation – Getting the software and the data ready
Preliminary Phase
– Team training : efficient practise to bring up to speed quickly
– Management Training : practising and using the tools to help steer efficiently.
Preliminary Launch Review – assessment of operational use, corrections and recommandations.
Main Launch Phase – Full blown launch with larger team/complete sales team
Sustaining Actions – Competence transfer and sustained effort to ensure steady momentum is reached.


An Integrated Approach

We don’t sell IT. We don’t sell a software. We don’t sell a process. We provide a solution, from strategy to operation that helps you sell more and better!

Fast. Efficient. Connected.

« The primary reason they miss the mark in helping companies increase revenue is that CRM systems are too often used for inspection (…) rather than creating improvement in the sales process. » Scott Edinger, HBR

  • Visibility – Know what is in the sales pipe, what the trend is and where to act to grow and improve.
  • Anticipation – See fluctuations in your sales pipe, before they hit you. Correlate with sales activity.
  • No waste – Don’t loose your valuable data, either because the sales rep is gone or because you can’t find the customer’s card 220.
  • Objectives – Give yourself the means to follow smart objectives. Keep instant track of progress
  • Empower – Can be one of these values: yes, or no. Sets the filling animation to move counter clockwise.
  • History – A direct access to the customer’s history, calls, proposals and more, for real face to face efficiency.
  • Sales Funnel – Get a real sales process in place, where you know how and when to close a sale.
  • Focus – Give yourself visibility on segments, actions, people and more. Know where to act, how and when.
  • On the road – At trade fairs or on the road, quick and seamless data integration for real time results.

For a CRM that fits your Sales Strategy!