Cirrus IM trainings : sales, negotiation, innovation management trainings, pithing in English ; formation Cirrus IM : vente, commercialisation, management de l’innovation, présenter en anglais

C-MRL Innovation Management – January 9th 2020 – Toulouse

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Come and attend our one day training on Market Driven Innovation Management that will give you a modern and effective framework to structure and drive your innovation. Who should attend : startuppers, SME management, directors of innovation What : Managing the risk associated with innovation. Understanding when to invest, when to hire, when to communicate. This training provides the [...]

The Sales Meeting – January 13th, 2020 – Toulouse

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One day introductory training to have an overview of what face to face selling is and how you should manage the meeting to close the deal and engage customers. Who should attend : beginners dealing with innovative, industrial or international markets and offerings. Anyone not used to dealing with customers. What will we address : Overview of [...]

Innovation & Negotiation – January 14th, 2020 – Toulouse

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Negociation and Innovation One day training to understand what negotiation is and how to use it when selling technical solutions, innovative solutions or customised solutions. Who should attend : anyone new to negotiating in e business environment ; anyone not familiar with the basics of negotiation. Ideal for technical entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, startuppers ; anyone not used [...]